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Employment issues

There is no uniform personnel policy applicable throughout the Group, as it is composed of organizations of different sizes, with different scale and nature of conducted activity and different corporate culture.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA and ENERGOTEST sp. z o.o. are aware of obligations they have to fulfil as employers and of the risk of reputation and the risk to continuity of their operating activity if they fail to provide suitable working conditions.
ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has established its human capital management strategy which regulates the areas of: recruitment, employment, succession planning, remuneration and motivation, work evaluation, employee development, industrial relations shaping, employment restructuring, quality of work, monitoring and control of implementation of the strategy. Implementation of the strategy is manifested, among others, through training procedure and recruitment and selection procedure, the instruction of periodic evaluation of outcome of work of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA managing staff or the instruction of calculation of human capital management evaluation indicators, and also Rules of Cooperation Agreement between ELEKTROBUDOWA SA and the Trade Unions functioning in the company. Issues related to working time and remuneration rules are regulated by the Company Collective Labour Agreement of 25 August 2017, which also addresses the issues of the motivating system.
In ENERGOTEST sp. z o.o., implementation of human resources management is reflected, among others, in the procedure for establishing and terminating employment relationship, the procedure for upgrading skills in the system of non-compulsory training and the rules and terms of instruction of retraining and upgrading professional skills in and outside the formal school system.
Both companies have laid down the recruitment and selection process and the process of enhancing skills – the companies seek to employ highly qualified and competent personnel to guarantee that the strategic goals of an organization will be met. They are also focused on graduates and students, creating convenient development conditions and flexible work time for them.
As a rule, both companies are interested in establishing cooperation with these organizations only, which comply with labour law, including the issues of anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing policies, but they do not formally verify their compliance and do not include relevant clauses in contracts with suppliers. Aware of materiality of the issue ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is going to start work towards establishing a Suppliers’ Code which will regulate the issues of cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors, complementing the purchasing and offering procedures already in place. The Code will define the expected scope of accountability of suppliers and subcontractors in the scope of compliance with labour standards.

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