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Stakeholders of the Group and non-financial issues

The Group is aware that, taking into account the size and nature of the conducted business, it operates in the environment of numerous stakeholders (i.e. individuals and groups who affect the activity of the organization and/or are affected by the organization because of its decisions, actions and their results, and who may have specific, various needs), whom the Group tries to consider in its everyday decisions and business activity.
In result of the internal analysis, performed with the involvement of representatives of various functional areas of the company and its managing personnel, the companies’ stakeholders have been identified and then a stakeholders map developed basing on the scale of the interaction of the company, different stakeholder groups and their potential interest in the activity of the companies1.

The companies are committed to maintaining good relations with the stakeholders and, wherever possible, they try to involve them in finding solutions and answers to issues relating to their actions, being aware of accountability for the outcome of such actions. 

StakeholdersThe GroupELEKTROBUDOWA SAChannels of contact, engagement
Employees opinion and satisfaction surveys, a continual dialogue with an Employee Representative / Trade Unions representatives, cyclical meetings with key managers, in-company newsletters, in-company (integration) meetings, meetings of working groups, the Code of Ethics
Public administration reports, statements, web page
Public Shareholders/Stockholders reports, General Meeting of Shareholders, www page, Supervisory Boards’ meetings
Suppliers and subcontractors opinion and satisfaction surveys, direct meetings, audits, the Code of Ethics
The Group reports, meetings, statements
Finance and insurance institutions reports, meetings, analyses
Certification bodies reports, audits, reviews
Customers and investors opinion and satisfaction surveys, direct meetings, conferences, seminars and trade fairs, stock exchange and press communications, www page, training, technical support, social media
Competitors conferences and trade fairs, business meetings, partnership in projects, www page
Media press publications and releases, trade conferences and briefings, annual reports, press communications
Business and trade organizations and associations active membership, meetings
Non-governmental organizations and associations (including ecological) reports, statements, dialogue sessions, www page, information brochures
Capital market   direct meetings, reports, presentations of results and important events, www page
Local communities   dialogue sessions, information meetings, www page, pages dedicated to specific, performed projects
Students and pupils   meetings during Recruitment Fairs, thematic presentations at universities and schools, internship programmes, partnerships with schools, web page tab Career, publications for students

Tab. 1 Stakeholders of the Group and ELEKTROBUDOWA SA2

1 G4-25; Symbols used in footnotes refer to indications of the GRI G4 and SIN standards listed in section 11.9 of this report
2 G4-24; Key stakeholders of ENERGOTEST sp. z o.o. include also research communities

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