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Accomplishment of forecasts of financial results

The 2017 consolidated forecast for ELEKTROBUDOWA Group published on 30 January 2017 assumed that the annual sales revenue will be generated on the level of 1 066 403 thousand PLN and the net profit will amount to 51 105 thousand PLN (profit attributable to the shareholders of the Company: 51 105 thousand PLN). The consolidated financial results of the Group after the 12 months of 2017 are: sales revenue 902 901 thousand PLN and net profit 58 608 thousand PLN, of which 58 609 thousand PLN attributable to shareholders of the Company.
The above figures show that the forecast annual sales revenue was accomplished in 84.7%, while net profit in 114.7%.

On 2 March 2018 the Company submitted its current report 7/2018 in which it announced the preliminary consolidated financial results of ELEKTROBUDOWA Group for the fiscal year ended 31 December 2017: sales revenue 945 000 thousand PLN and the net profit 61 000 thousand PLN. 
The preliminary financial results have been based on the preliminary financial data available to the Management Board of the Company. Assessment of the financial data was made according to the Management’s best knowledge as of the date of their preparation. The Management is monitoring the progress of works and contract performance. As at the reporting date of annual reports for the year 2017 the Management Board of the Company identified the necessity to verify the stage of completion of one of the contracts. In consequence, the financial data for 2017 had to be adjusted to account for the deviation from the estimates disclosed in the above mentioned current report.

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