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Primary reporting format – business segments

With respect to the regulations of IFRS 8, including usefulness of information for the users of financial statements, the following reportable segments have been identified:

  • The Production segment - production of electric power equipment: high, medium and low voltage switchgear and equipment, electric power stations and systems.
  • The Project Execution segment – supply of complete electrical systems and turnkey construction of facilities.
  • The Automation Segment – services relating to erection, modernisation and operation of power facilities, manufacture of data processing devices, manufacture of electricity distribution and control devices, installation and maintenance of switchgear and controlgear, electrical tests and technical analysis.
  • Other activities - include these activities performed by the Group which are not within the scope of responsibilities of the Production Segment or the Project Execution Segment, such as revenue from leases and dividends.

The Management of the parent company monitors the operating results of its business segments separately with the purpose of making decisions about resource allocation, assessment of results of such allocation and performance. Segment performance is evaluated based on operating profit or loss and is measured as profit from or loss on the operating activity in the financial statements.

The Group’s financing (including finance costs and finance income) and income taxes are monitored on the level of operating segments and allocated to them. Revenue from inter-segment transactions is eliminated on the level of the Group. Sales and transfers between segments are settled on an arm’s length basis in a manner similar to transactions with third parties.

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