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Implementation of the development strategy in 2017

During 2017 the parent company ELEKTROBUDOWA SA continued implementation of the product development programme, focused on new design solutions and modification of the existing solutions, in order to prepare the product for certification in Poland and in other markets. The most significant, in terms of value, development project concerned new design solutions of medium voltage gas-insulated switchgear, OPTIMA 24. 


Most of the projects, according to their schedules, are to be completed in 2018.

Following the identification of new areas of activity, growth of the organization targeted at new market segments is based on its own resources. Development of competence was continued in the area of construction of complete facilities in the power industry and the industrial sector. Recently the exports area of the Company’s activity has been prioritized. The company conducts its business in the Eastern markets, Middle East and European market.

The Company is actively engaged in actions aiming at development of competence and organization through acquisition. In the areas where market opportunities were recognized and where development of our own competence is not planned because of its high level of specialization, analyses are conducted and actions taken with the purpose of identification of benefits of such an acquisition for ELEKTROBUDOWA Group.

For the subsidiary ENERGOTEST sp. z o.o. the investment cycle in the power industry entered an unfavourable stage in 2017. The projects of construction of new units in the powers plants (Kozienice, Opole, Turów) are nearing completion, and there were no significant projects concerning electrical stations. These reasons were behind the reduction in orders received and sales generated by the company in 2017. Adding a range of intermediate relays to its offer was an important event for implementation of the company’s strategy; it was hoped to help offering complete solutions in the scope of control and automation cubicles. However, barriers to entry in this market turned out to be too difficult to overcome and in 2017 the company was not able to receive any significant order from this area, but the prospects for subsequent years are more optimistic.

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