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Contracts completed by the Production Division

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, as the first company in Poland, has extended the switchgear of another manufacturer

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has extended the existing 110kV switchgear in Turów power plant by adding two functional bays manufactured by the Company. The added infrastructure is compatible with the existing switchgear and guarantees full functionality of its operation. It is the first project of this kind in Poland.

The works, which included designing, manufacture, installation and commissioning of two functional bays of GIS switchgear type OPTIMA, were performed under the contract for extension of the existing indoor 110kV SF6- insulated switchgear at the site of the Turów Power Plant (PGE GiEK SA), which did not have any standby bays to which the stand-by starting transformer for the new power unit and the stand-by transformer for feeding the existing 110kV switchgear of unit 6 could be connected.
ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, as a leading domestic manufacturer of switchgear and a long-standing partner of Turów Power Plant, proposed to install the bays of indoor 110kV SF6- insulated switchgear (GIS) type OPTIMA 145, as an extension of the existing switchgear.

The scope of works covered: engineering and performance of connecting the offered bays to the existing switchgear.

The extension of the 110kV GIS by building on additional bays made by another manufacturer is the first application of this type in Poland.

To the existing, more than 20-year-old switch bays produced by another manufacturer, the new, considerably different in respect of the construction, switch bays from ELEKTROBUDOWA SA were connected. The successful connection of the functional bays with different standards of busbars in respect of dimensions, busbar gauge or pressure was possible owing to the genuine commitment and considerable experience of ELEKTROBUODWA’s personnel and an innovative approach to the task.
The connection of the two new functional switch bays to the existing bays was performed in December 2017, resulting from operating capability (obtained switching out for the busbar systems) of the auxiliary switchgear of the plant. At present, the new GIS bays are permanently coupled with the busbar systems of the 110kV switchgear, waiting – on the side of the Investor – for the 110kV cables to be connected, what is planned for April (bay No. 13) and July (bay No. 14) of 2018.

Installation of the gas connections was performed with only one busbar system disconnected, while the other system had to be live all the time, as operation of the GIS 110kV in the power system of the Plant was a priority.

All works were performed professionally, in compliance with the safety requirements, with continual participation of Investor’s representatives.


Other contracts completed by the Production Division

Delivery of the SDN station for PGE GiEK S.A., Bełchatów lignite mine.

The delivery included six mobile substations SDN 6/0.5/0.4kV – G.52/1, G.71, G.602, G.53/1, G.74/1 and G.801. provided with medium voltage switchgear type D-12PT and low voltage switchgear type NGWR manufactured by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. The project was exceptionally demanding because of the very short lead time that could not be exceeded.

07.2017 - 11.2017
Order value
8,6 mln PLN
Stacja SDN dla PGE GiEK S.A.

Dostawa rozdzielnic SN z przeznaczeniem do zabudowy w JSW S.A.

The scope of delivery included 2 sets of 6kV switchgear for the modernization and extension of the Mechanical Coal Processing Plant in Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. The Company manufactured 82 switchgear panels, of which 34 panels of D-12P switchgear to be mounted in the 4.1RW switching station and 48 panels of D-12P switchgear for the 4.2.RW switching station. The switchgear were equipped with circuit breakers manufactured by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. It is the largest order for delivery of medium voltage switchgear for the Polish mines in 2017 and 2018.

08.2017 - 02.2018
Order value
3,4 mln PLN
Rozdzielnica SN w JSW S.A.

Dostawa rozdzielnicy SN dla KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

The scope included delivery of compact MV switchgear with entire remote control for underground applications.

- 02.2018
Order value
5 mln PLN
Rozdzielnica SN dla KGHM Polska

Dostawa rozdzielnic SN w izolacji gazowej dla Tauron Dystrybucja.

The order included 111 panels of the medium voltage SF6- insulated switchgear type OPTIMA-24, with the 2500A busbar system. It is the first so large order for delivery of OPTIMA-24 switchgear for the customer in the power distribution sector.

03.2017 - 03.2018
Order value
7,3 mln PLN
Rozdzielnica SN w izolacji gazowej

Delivery of D-12-2S switchgear for underground mounting in PGG S.A.

The delivery included 54 panels of the D-12-2S switchgear for the project: “Replacement of the R720 6kV switchgear on the 720m level for PGG S.A.”. The type D-12-2S 6kV switchgear in IP54 enclosure, with double system of busbars, has an approval for use in the mining facilities issued by the President of WUG (the State Mining Authority). The underground 6kV switching station which is currently built in PGG S.A. provided with manufactured by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA type D-12-2S switchgear with double busbar system will be the first metal enclosed double busbar switchgear mounted underground in the history of Polish mining.

03.2017 - 01.2018
Order value
4,4 mln PLN
Eozdzielnicz D-12-2S

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