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Contracts completed by the Project Execution Division

OLKILUOTO 3 – the 1600MW nuclear power plant with pressurized water reactor EPR

Olkiluoto 3 is the first in fifteen years new nuclear plant being built in Europe.

The name – Olkiluoto 3 – is also the name of the Island on which the facility is located. Ten year passed on 3 January 2018 since our contract for electrical works at the construction site of the nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3 had been concluded. The initial contract price was approximately 33.5 million euros, but it rose five times in those ten years. Nine amendments to the contract have been signed so far, increasing its scope and price. With the latest amendment being signed, the contract price has increased up to 168 million EUR. The currently valid contract will be in force until autumn 2018, but the parties may extend its validity period.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA performs the following works at the site:

  • installation of electrical systems,
  • cable pulling,
  • erection of electrical switchboards,
  • installation of control boards and automation systems,
  • installation of instrumentation and control equipment,
  • technical support in commissioning of systems and installations.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has implemented the quality assurance system according to the nuclear safty standards.
In peak, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA had over 500 people
working at the site.

After commissioning, NPP Olkiluoto 3 will have a capacity of 1600MW. The source of energy is the pressurized water nuclear reactor of the third generation with thermal energy 4500MW.

The General Contractor started commissioning of the facility at the end of the previous year. Loading the reactor with fuel has been recently scheduled for August 2018.
The contract worth nearly 710 million PLN has become the biggest, in terms of money, project in the 60-year history of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA!

Technical details of Olkiluoto 3
Electrical power (MWe) ca 1 600
Reactor thermal power (MW) 4 500
Eficiency (%) over 37
Annual electricity output (TWh) ca 13
Reactor pressure (bar) 154
Total fuel weight (t) 128
Annual fuel consumption (t) ca 32
Total capacity of buildings (m3) 950 000
Height of reactor (m) 13
Height of reactor containment building (m) 63

Other contracts completed by the Project Execution Division

Waste soda lime filtration plant at the site of JANIKOSODA Works in Janikowo for CIECH Soda Polska S.A.

The project concerned the construction of a new filtration plant with the warehouse for its product (waste soda lime) in Janikosoda Works, CIECH Soda Polska. The task of the plant is filtration (dehydration) and processing of postdistillation sludge which is the material of lime fertilizer. After commissioning of the installation the mechanical filtration process has replaced the long sedimentation in special reservoirs. The scope of contract included extension of the internal electrical installation, water and fire protection systems, sanitary sewage and rainwater systems. The task has been completed in accordance with the contractual provisions.

30.09.2015 r. do 10.04.2017 r.
Contract price
40 mln PLN
Filtracjia zawiesiny wapna posodoweg JANIKOSODA

Installation of the flue gas catalytic denitrification system for OP-650 boilers No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A.

The works under the project included energizing the new, cutting-edge flue gas catalytic denitrification system for OP-650 boilers No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, fuelled with hard coal and biomass, in ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. in order to adjust the performance parameters of the boilers to the currently applicable requirements of the Polish law.

22.11.2012 r. do 15.09.2017 r.
Contract price
13 mln PLN
Instalacja katalitycznego odazotowania spalin ENEA

Turnkey engineering, procurement and installation of the pass-out back pressure 70 MWe turbine generator set and the associated infrastructure in the heat and power plant of the production plant in Płock for Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A., including long-term servicing of the installed turbine generator set.

The scope of works included civil engineering design. The earth works covered a design and erection of the spare parts building, piling and preparation of the foundation for the turbine generator set and associated facilities in the existing machine house, access roads, busducts with supporting structures and transformer basins. The electrical scope included supply and erection of key sub-assemblies, such as generator circuit breaker, 90MVA generator transformer, 16MVA tapped transformer, synchronization and protection systems, generator output connection including delivery and installation of busducts: 10.5kV busduct ca. 50m long and 30kV busduct ca. 270m long. All works were performed in the existing and operating machine building, where similar equipment was under operation.

9.11.2015 r. do 9.11.2017 r.
Contract price
30 mln PLN
Turbozespoł upustowo-przeciwprężny ORLEN

Modernization of the 110/6kV transformerdistribution station GST-KPG in the area of PG shafts for KGHM Polska Miedź SA headquartered in Lubin.

The contract included overall modernization of the 110kV switchyard to transform it from the outdoor technology into indoor technology GIS, manufactured by the Company. The works were performed while the station was operating, what required maintaining its functions during the redevelopment and maintaining continuity of supply of consumers. The installed GIS Optima 145 is the switchgear with double busbar system, composed of 13 panels and provided with the WNZ detection system which enables remote evaluation of the GIS insulation. Power input and output connections were made with GIL busducts. It is the biggest GIS switchgear Optima 145 installed and commissioned so far (both in domestic and foreign projects). A considerable prestige is added by the fact that it is the first project of this type in the Polish mining industry. The contract scope included also modernization of 6kV switchgear. The entire scope of the above works was completed by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA as General Contractor.

Okres realizacji
27.10.2014 r. do 30.06.2017 r.
Contract price
23 mln PLN
Stacja transformatorowo-rozdzielcza KGHM

110/15kV station Jachcice (EC I). Overall modernization of the station, including connection of the MV line.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA was a general contractor of the project. The scope of the project included engineering and performance of the whole scope, together with obtaining all required decisions and permits. Apart from services performed at the site of Jachcice main substation, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA also supplied its switchgear: 32 panels of D-24P (15kV) and two panels of D-40P switchgear (30kV). It must be noted that all works have been performed without any power supply interruption, both for strategic consumers in the vicinity of GPZ JACHCICE (PESA Bydgoszcz and the heat and power plant EC1 in Bydgoszcz) and for the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is the only company in Poland offering turnkey performance of projects like this.

15.09.2015 r. do 15.11.2017 r.
Contract price
15 mln PLN
Jachcice linia SN

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