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Investor relations

Investor relations – building trust

Transparency in communication with all market participants is not only a priority in the activities undertaken by ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, but also the main guideline for any actions in respect of relations with its business environment. We make all efforts to provide everyone with access to information about our Company on equal terms. It is our objective to provide complete and clear messages which could be a base for evaluation of work performed by our organization. Contents of the messages are prepared by a team of our investor relations specialists. They are in direct contact with the Management of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, for whom building trust and care for good relations with the Stakeholders is of utmost importance.

We create relations

Regular, effective and consistent communication with the equity market stakeholders is a standard. Information is provided in the forms required by law, such as publication of current and periodical reports. We present also other numerous activities of the Company which are not possible to be disclosed in tables and statistics. We are aware that value of the Company is built up by active contacts with the capital market participants.

In 2017 the Management of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA took part in four conferences where they presented the Company’s financial results. During the presentation every participant could join in the discussion and ask questions. The Company also takes part in meetings and conferences organized by other capital market institutions. For all willing market participants, we organize site visits around our factories and other sites where our production or business activities are performed. Such events provide opportunity for indepth understanding of character of the Company’s and its principles of operation.

In 2017 we decided to prepare a new version of our website. It was so redesigned as to facilitate access to information about the Company for the capital market participants. The www page was enriched by adding the publication of financial results presentations from conferences, factsheet and a list of recommendations issued by financial institutions. The Company also provides video transmission of the General Meeting via the Internet. Records of the Meeting, with the adopted resolutions is available at the Company website in the section: General Meeting. Two General Meetings were held in 2017.

On or website you can view a lot of video footage that enables closer look at our Company and tells about our activity. You can also find press releases and photographic material.

Major investor events in 2017:

  • dividend payout in the amount of 10 PLN per share,
  • cyclical financial results conferences and meetings with investors,
  • implementation of a modern website and publication of many information important for the market (presentations, factsheet, recommendations, forum, video materials, etc.),
  • publication of the on-line Annual Report.

Major targets of the investor relations in 2018:

  • introducing the mechanisms facilitating and improving the relations between the Management of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, and the investor environment,
  • building up optimal conditions for understanding and approval for the business strategy of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA among investors and analysts,
  • preparation of materials for fair valuation of shares of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA and providing the analysts with high quality information about the activity of the Company, trends in the industry, factors which have impact on the financial results, and feedback after having analysed their recommendations,
  • maintaining and strengthening the creation of standards concerning investor relations, which could be a model to follow by other listed companies,
  • providing the Management of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA with feedback, on a current basis, on the Company’s perception by the capital market participants and with information about current and potential shareholders of the Company, having regard to many aspects of the capital market.


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