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Major research and development achievements

Project completed in 2017

  • Development of further variants of the SF6-insulated switchgear Optima-24 was continued.
  • Supplementary type tests of D-17P switchgear were successfully performed.
  • A circuit breaker was successfully tested. 
  • Supplementary type tests of low voltage switchgear NGWR were performed successfully.
  • Development of implementation of a new low voltage system MSR.
  • Completion of development of electromagnetic relays.
  • Continuation of works on the ET-DCS controller and a synchronizer.

Plans for the first half of 2018

  • Continuation of development of further variants of the SF6-insulated switchgear Optima-24.
  • Designing a modern small-size air-insulated medium voltage switchgear Smart 12G dedicated for application in mines.
  • Continuation of works on MV switchgear Smart 17.
  • Continuation of supplementary type tests of low voltage switchgear NGWR.
  • Continuation of works on low voltage switchgear MSR.
  • Completion of performance tests of the rectifier unit for railway traction applications.
  • Continuation of development of the ET-DCS controller and a synchronizer.

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